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Private Tuition

Physics and Mathematics Private Tuition
South East London

I aim to help students achieve their full potential. For private tuition in Forest Hill and across South East London, call me at Root2Tutor.


Private Tuition

I provide a truly personal service. Personalised private tuition is an enjoyable experience, and it will help you to achieve your full potential.

The Key Stage Curriculum


Key stage  2
Years 3 - 6

Key stage 3
Years 7 - 9
Physics and Mathematics

Key stage 4
Years 10 - 11
Physics and Mathematics

Key Stage 5
Years 12 - 13
Advanced physics

For Further Information

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Tuition Packages


Tuition packages are available to suit your specific requirements, ranging from a single lesson to a full teaching program.

Students sometimes choose to have private tuition with a friend.

Reports and Assessment


Upon request, I write detailed reports, usually at the end of each month or half-term.
They will include the topics covered, an assessment of your homework, an analysis of your progress, and SMART goals.

Assessment and Exams


Private tuition means regular homework to give you further practice and strengthen your understanding.

Homework helps me to gain an insight into your understanding and to personalise your tuition.
The reports that I write provide continuous assessment.

The ultimate assessment is the exam, and I have an extensive bank of past papers to give you experience of exam questions..


"I WOULD DEFINITELY RECOMMEND ROOT2TUTOR :) Mr Smith has done amazing with my son, teaching and guiding him through his GCSE'S build up. Very flexible and happy to work around you, when and if needed. My son is happy and growing inconfidence each session he has." 

"Great tutor, definitely would recommend. Great at explaining things in a way I can remember and get my head around. Always on time and professional."

Mr smith changed my son to a better student . Precious always misses him. Mr Smith has been a tutor of my year 9 son Precious for the whole year. When he came we saw the impact he played on Precious. Everything changed. Precious started progressing very well and his grades went up. He is the tutor who works with the student needs. All the time he will review what Precious was doing in school and ensure he understands it. He is a great tutor and with no doubt I would recommend him to anyone looking for their children to have quality education .